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This week I had another sacred cow barbecue with my friend Stephen Crosby, and former student of mine Steve Bremner This time we covered ‘the new Jezebel‘–which is nothing more than a newly packaged old lie, which basically discourages anybody from asking questions or challenging things that are said or done–specifically in church.  It’s a subtle form of manipulation that some leaders use in order to insulate themselves from being challenged.  It’s a form of manipulation, plain and simple.

It all started when Dr Crosby posted a link on his blog site called  The New Jezebel – “You’re Just Wounded”.  Here’s a quote that struck me the most:

This is a kinder-gentler version of the Jezebel accusation. It is an attempt to dismiss the CONTENT of an objection or criticism from someone deemed  as inferior, or not as spiritually enlightened, by pointing out (accurately or not) the soul-damage of the individual bringing the criticism, or the improper WAY in which the criticism is brought. This is an attempt to come across as “caring” for the individual bringing up the issue, yet still maintain absolute control.  It is a form of condescending paternalism. It is implied that there can be no merit to the objection or criticism, because after all, “Aw, shucks, dearie, you are so wounded . . .”

The New Jezebel: Most Popular Article On Dr Crosby’s site

Later Dr Crosby told us that he had never had so many hits on any article he’s posted before.  As some of you know, this marks the third podcast the three of us have recorded together.

We discuss how this Jezebel accusation works, and spend the second half of the conversation discussing practical ways we can change this in our own personal lives and in our fellowship with one another.  

Give it a listen as it’s definitely the most insightful conversation the three of us have had together on the podcast so far.

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  1. This discussion sure is healthy.
    We had a church (cult) of fewer than 30 people and the structure was like this…
    Apostle at the top and his wife the Pastor
    then top tier leaders – 2 lots of couples
    2nd tier leaders – 3 lots of couples
    3rd tier 4 lots of couples and an individual
    All were to have to go through leaders
    All were expected to report anything to the leaders in the tier above them and so on and so forth..
    what utter controlling self important nonesense…
    Any time leaders were set up they were publically then warned that if jezabel raises her head it will be taken out immediately because we dont suffer a Jezabel spirit in this church… nothing like a good threat to shut you down before you start to open up.
    We also had a rebukes for not coming to early prayer meetings before church even though we went to my sick mom on the way in.
    After being told not to attend a personal invitation by someone to their home, we were dismissed from leadership the next morning… this served only to highlight something was going very wrong and i was not going to go on being controlled… then the problems really started to show up.
    Heb 13:17 was trotted out and delivered in the following erroneous teaching…
    I “the leader apostle” will be cslled to give an account of your life and your standing in heaven before god will be affected by my report for eterenity.. so you need to make sure i will be able to bring a good repor of you.” What rot… this was planned and deliberate in order to control people.
    you think for yourself and believe differently if that impacts on where you put your money and man that brought the devil out of his hidy hole and the threats flowed… oh they were wrapped in scripture but of the twisted variety. the problem isnt jezabel… its the use and abuse of GODs precious word which is used like a stick to beat those who love God and taps into the commited heart of a believer who is willing to submit to anything in order to be pleasing to God.
    I for one am more than thankful for this ministry and the truth you bring out, both with sincerity and humour – we need both. x bless you guys.

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