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I am once again reading your book, ENJOYING GOD. I’ve read it numerous times. It is highlighted, dog-eared and tabbed to the point that it is an extension of me. I have had a life filled with a lot of despair. One day when my depression was too much for me, I cried out to God and told him that if He didn’t prove to me that suicide was wrong, then I would have to consider it as one of my options. I went to a Christian bookstore and the first book I picked up said that suicide is self-murder. I looked up to God and told him that I would never consider suicide again but that he had to give me a book that would cement in me forever how much He loved me. I looked down and there was this beat up book that looked like it had been eaten by a bear (I was not in a used bookstore). I reached for it and it was titled, ENJOYING GOD. I went home and read it immediately. That was the beginning of my journey.My past has included the loss of both parents, growing up with no supervision, and a violent rape. I never talked about any of the trauma until a couple of years ago when I was 45 years old. Something was triggered in my life that brought all the emotions of the past to the surface. I broke. I had to go to counseling because I found myself unable to function. My pain and rage rushed out of me like a broken levy. After a few years of counseling I was finally able to get on with my life.

Without your book I can’t imagine where I would be. God was so loving to lead me to it that day in the bookstore. I’ve bought several copies and given them to people I’ve met, as well as friends and family. I take your message out into the world and, without any fear, I share the good news of God’s love. I want to do a Bible study on ENJOYING GOD. May God continue to bless you and may you continue to be a blessing!

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S. J., your messages on The Eternal Romance and Song of Solomon have radically changed my life. Although I have been a Christian for over 28 years, I have never really known the extravagant love of God until I started listening to your teachings. Now I’m consumed by the message of the unbridled passion of the greatest Lover of all time and eternity — Jesus Christ!S. J., you have sown the seeds of God’s passionate and outrageous love in my life, and now as they are producing fruit, my desire is to take those seeds and plant them in the lives of others. Thank you for opening my eyes to the radical love that has become my magnificent obsession — Jesus!
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Years ago I attended a conference at The Brownsville Assembly of God Church where you spoke. You had a book on healing that I purchased from you. You prayed for me and both of my shoulders were instantly healed. Both of my rotator cuffs had been damaged; one needed surgery and the other needed to be rehabilitated. Praise God for the healing. I still use my experience as a testimony prior to praying for others.
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In 2003, I heard S. J. Hill teach at a church in Farmington, New Mexico. I was so touched by what he said that I wrote a song during the service. I still sing it today. It’s all about God’s jealous love for us. I hope that one day S. J. will be able to hear it. Thanks S.J. for coming and ministering what God put on your heart. It is still ministering to us today.
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Steve, it hasn’t been that long since you ministered in our church in Queensland, Australia. You shared about the Father’s heart with such passion. It’s a subject that is so powerful and not often heard. Thank you so much for your book BURNING DESIRE. I have devoured it, and now I’m reading it for a second time. I find that I’m now reading the Word of God from a different view. Thank you again.
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About a week ago I purchased ENJOYING GOD and began reading it at the bookstore. When I got to the chapter entitled, The Wounded Heart, I burst out crying right in the store. It wasn’t until a few minutes later that I realized that I wasn’t crying because I was sad or bewildered or anything like that; I was crying because I was so very grateful to God for using the book to speak to my heart in such a penetrating way. I have re-read the book, and I’m now allowing the Lord to do what needs to be done in my heart and spirit.Thank you so much. I have encouraged several of my friends at church and in my community to purchase the book.
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When S. J. Hill came to a church in Australia near my house, I attended a meeting not expecting much. However, as he started speaking, my heart soon became involved with his stories about the rich love of the Father.The beauty of what God revealed through S. J. impacted me so strongly that I soon fell in love with the Old Testament (especially the book of Hosea). I experienced the love of God in a way I never had before. Through my struggles since the service last year, it has been a comfort to remember the passionate love of my Father — His constant, reassuring love.
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The book ENJOYING GOD was a gift to me. I was looking for a subject to speak about in a Christian youth group, and I prayed that God would help me find the right subject. Then a girl in my class loaned me the book. I started reading it and from the first sentence it was overwhelming and extraordinary. The Father stirred up something inside me.There are so many books which tell us how to act and what the authors believe God expects of us. Sometimes, I’ve ended up frustrated because I didn´t feel I could fulfill everything that was required of me. It made me feel really bad! But ENJOYING GOD is a book that’s more than just about rules or theories about how to live life. The book made me feel like I was having a personal talk with my best Friend. I can´t describe everything I felt, but I know that every single word inside of it is true.

I am German, and often when I read English books, I don´t look up all the words. But this time, it was different. I liked looking up every single word because every word was so precious and personal to me. Although I loved reading the book, it took a very long period of time to finish it because I would read some of the same things over and over again. It was so good! Thanks for the book. God really talked to me through it.


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I first met S. J. when I was attending the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry. I have sat under many of his teachings and have been blessed to have him as a very dear friend. His insights into the Song of Solomon not only opened my eyes to the love of Jesus; they also opened my heart to a new and deeper love for my heavenly Father. I have read his books and know that they come straight from the heart of God. If he ever comes to your area, I highly recommend that you attend his teachings. It will be a life-changing experience. I promise you. My wife and I are now missionaries in Israel where we share the love of Father God to some very dear people. And we thank Him for using S.J. to teach us that we can know the heart of the Father and actually touch His heart as well.
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There are few men who have really impacted my life. S. J. Hill is one of them. The first time I heard him was at the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry. I was in my fourth semester. He was teaching on the Father heart of God. His teaching is still impacting me to this day. I only wish I would’ve had this teaching 16 years ago when I got saved. Thank God for S. J. and his teaching. It is truly a blessing to the Body of Christ!
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About 15 years ago I signed up to receive Steve’s tapes through the mail. Over the next few years I looked forward to those 4 tapes a month with great excitement. I was challenged and encouraged as I listened to the tapes over and over again. There was life and hope in every word as the plans and purposes of God were unfolded in each message. The very heart of the Father seemed to be calling me out of my sin and into deeper intimacy with Himself.In light of Steve’s teachings on “brokenness” I was confronted with the legalistic, self-righteous person I had become. I began to see how wrong I had been about so many things, and my heart longed for the beauty of a “broken” life. Now I can embrace the dealings of God because I know His intention is to deliver me from rejection and self-pity so that out of the breakings, Jesus can be revealed in me.

Thinking back on the teachings I received 15 years ago–the depth of understanding and the clear vision and direction of the messages–makes me realize now, even more so, just how gifted Steve is as a prophetic teacher that hears from the Lord.

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I sat under S.J. Hill at the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry. His teaching changed and transformed my life. I didn’t know how much God loved me, or that He wanted to be so intimate with me. I am now beginning to understand the Lord’s passionate affections for me because of the awesome insight and impartation SJ conveyed on the love of Jesus for His bride.
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My wife and I had the privilige of sitting under S.J. while he taught at the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry and the F.I.R.E. School of Ministry. I don’t think I could’ve picked a favorite professor at the two schools, but S.J. was certainly one of our favorites. I personally enjoyed his teaching on the Song of Solomon. His classes were both extremely insightful and enjoyable.Thank you S.J. for all the Lord had you impart into our lives.
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I have been privileged over the years to have personally known S.J. and have greatly benefited from his teaching and writings. He planted in my heart a desire to know and love God in a way that changed my life and my walk with the Lord. He has also inspired me to read Church history and search out those saints who have gone before us that had a passion to know Christ in the “power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings.”S.J.’s latest book, ENJOYING GOD, is a fresh wind of liberation from mere spiritual duty to spiritual delight. The Christian who is struggling with a performance-driven sense of obligation will graciously be entreated to approach God as a loving heavenly Father who desires to commune with His children.

S.J. writes as he teaches, with clarity and passion. This book will draw you to God and leave you with a hunger for His presence, and a divine invitation to taste and see that the Lord is good.

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As one who was delivered from the bondage of addictions by the power of God, I soon found myself in an environment totally alien to me. After several years of attempting to stay satisfied in church, I ran across some of your teaching tapes and met Father God. I received a revelation of unconditional love that before was impossible for me to understand, let alone receive.Father introduced me to an intimacy that began to ooze out of me and infect others. My relationship with my wife and children has become what God intended it to be. As I minister to convicts in prison I am able to see through the eyes of the Father and impart hope to the hopeless, many of whom have never known the love of a father.

After reading your book, ENJOYING GOD, I’m now able to picture God with smiling eyes. He embraces me in all of my failures and weaknesses, even when I let Him down. You see, now my struggles are His, now my victories are His, and I am able to see God in every situation, good or bad.

Thanks S.J. for your tenacity with the message God has given you. My life has been radically changed.

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TestimoniesHaving the blessing of sitting under the teaching of S.J. during his term at the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry was a turning point in my life. S.J. changed my whole view about knowing God. It was like the blinders came off and God became my friend. If you have a chance to hear him minister — GO! He is a man that has been touched by God. The love of Jesus flows out of him in a special way. Once in a meeting my eyes glanced at him and I just began to cry as I felt the love of God. There is something different about him. I know it is all Jesus. I am thankful for S.J. Hill. May God raise up an army of believers consumed with the passion of God’s heart and constrained by His Love. I know that S.J is playing a small part in doing just that. I hope you grow closer to God through this ministry.
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TestimoniesIn now my thirtieth year of sitting under the ministry of Steve Hill, I could not let this opportunity pass without communicating about the excellence of his latest book, “Enjoying God”. By God’s enabling, the rich heritage of Steve’s sound biblical exposition has found its greatest expression yet in this profound work.I found the book easy to understand, yet challenging in its content. To enjoy God is indeed a lofty concept, but the truths outlined in this book will enable you to discover afresh just Who this awesome God is, and how to allow His Beauty and Holiness to give you victory in life’s everyday battles.

This is a must read for Christians today. Try as we may, our words could never come close to adequately describing the love in His Eyes for each of us. Just being with Jesus changes everything – absolutely everything! “Enjoying God” contains many views of God’s amazing Heart of love for us all, and even for me. Read this book and allow God to totally overwhelm your heart with His amazing affection for you.

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TestimoniesEnjoying God is perhaps one of the most heart-altering books that I have encountered in recent years. Serving God for over 25 years in the institutional church setting had etched its duty-driven and performance-related lifestyle into my heart. While always living to love God, it would be often that I felt like I wasn’t doing enough to “satisfy” Him, or maybe I didn’t do it “right” so therefore was failing somehow.As I read this book, each page had something revelatory that impacted my heart and my mind. I could hardly turn a page without weeping as the reality of the love of Jesus FOR ME was being made clearer and clearer. It is in that intimate place that I hear His voice and enjoy Him. It is in that secret place that He enjoys meeting with me.

In addition, the unconditional love for my own granddaughter became a shining example of my Savior’s love for me. She doesn’t have to perform anything for me, in order to make me love her. I adore her, even when she does something naughty. I expend my energy for her without getting anything in return, except the joy of hearing her giggles, seeing her smile, and receiving her hugs. How very freeing to see our Father’s view of us in this same light.

This book has opened my heart to a new realm of love and acceptance in Jesus. It doesn’t stop there. I am now able to share that same love with others that I may minister to along the way. Enjoying God is a “MUST READ” for all!

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TestimoniesI’m a 17-year-old girl and became a Christian when I was 14. My parents got divorced 13 years ago, and I lived with my mother without any contact with my father. He never cared about us, and when I was about 12 years old I began to miss him a lot. I couldn’t understand why he just ignored us, and this hurt me very much. I felt alone and worthless, and when the pain became too much, I cut my arms with razor blades as a way to dull the pain in my heart. I felt better when I cut myself, but on the other hand I was ashamed and I didn’t talk to God about it because I thought He would only be angry with me.Then I visited a friend, and she gave me S. J.’s book “Enjoying God”. After having read only a few pages, I had to weep because it touched my heart so much. I thought this book was only written for me, and I couldn’t believe that God is so very loving. I never thought that such a great love existed. It gave me a totally new perspective and showed me how God really is. There are still times when I think wrong of God, but S. J. changed my life with his book. I started realizing that God is the only perfect father, and He wants to heal me. And He is! I’m doing much better now, and I’m really surprised how He works in and through me.
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TestimoniesThe message that S.J. Hill brings has been such a breath of fresh air in my life. Raised in the church and being taught that I must “DO” things to earn God’s favor has really controlled how I felt when I didn’t measure up to my own “self-inflicted” standards. The enemy would use it against me to make it difficult to later enter the “presence of God” for reason of guilt.S.J.’s message is light, freeing, and it opens up the possibility of such a wonderful loving relationship between me and my Father. It has been life-changing.
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TestimoniesI have been sitting under S. J. Hill’s ministry up close, as well as from a distance, for 27 years. I don’t know of a minister anywhere in the world who will make your heart hunger for God more than S. J. I am kind of partial to the audio tapes as you can hear and feel the passion for God more than by just reading it in a book.

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