Accountability and Spiritual Covering–Are They Biblical?

Have you ever been told you’re in rebellion if you don’t obey your leaders?  Have you ever been taught spiritual authority, that emphasized complicity with leaders for complicity’s sake alone because, “they’re above you?”  Or, have you ever been told you need to be “under a spiritual covering” or curses from God will fall on you?

If so, then have we got quite a discussion for you today.  In this podcast with my friend Stephen Crosby, author of Authority, Accountability and the Apostolic Movement, and a former student Steve Bremner, we had a quite a sacred cow barbecue.

We tackled this stuff:

Do we base our idea of accountability on the Bible, or businesses or even the military?

Is accountability enforced or lived out by signing documents?

Does the Bible really teach pastors or leaders are superior in any way to the rest of the Body of Christ?


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