Revive What?

mp9003900831This week on the Fire on Your Head podcast I was a guest again along with Dr Stephen R. Crosby, author of Revising Revival.  We ask the question “revive what?”.

What is revival and what is being revived?  We cut through the buzz words and discuss what this is and what it looks like in the Scriptures. We get into asking these questions from the get go and dive into ‘outpouring’ versus discipleship.

If a real outpouring happened, would we be ready?

Would we even really want it?

What if God actually answered our romanticized prayers for a revival?  Would we be ready for it?

Along with host Steve Bremner we had a real sacred cow barbecue.

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Visit to download or order Dr Crosby’s books and go further into some of the stuff we only began to cover today.

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  1. To quote john Newton,.. “i once was lost but now am found, was blind but now i see…”

    we are all born of flesh but dead in adam until we are made alive in Christ. Surely each person alive to Christ is a walking revival?

    i have heard about revival, i even went to the Pensecola revival in 99 and i didnt see much in the way of love or consideration amongst the crowds as each fought against another in a selfish scramble to get THEMSELVES to the front to be prayed for…frankly the common understanding of revival leaves me cold. but maybe thats cos we were forced to fake it till bus loads of people in the city came in singing hallelijah to prove it… needless to say they didnt come. fantasy christianity… very bad stuff.

    meeting people where they are – exactly – point the way to Christ, show the love of Christ, and let the Lord’s Holy Spirit bring them to himself for them to be revived personally, made alive in Him.

    if we gave up on the running to experiencially based meetings to tingle our own soulish emotions with a “touch from God”, we may have more people seeing the reality of Christ in his own..

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