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A Love for the Ages


A Love For The Ages – $12.99  

Have you ever struggled with the seeming disconnect between the God of the Old Testament and the loving Lord of the New Testament? Do you still find yourself trying to reconcile God’s fiery jealousy with His infinite love? If so, you’re not alone.

A Love for the Ages will take you deeper into the language and imagery of the Scriptures to reveal God in a completely different light. You will discover a common thread running from Genesis to Revelation that will invite you into a relationship with the Lord that will surprise and overwhelm you. In fact, the way you view God will never be the same!


Amazed Book_LGAmazed by the Power of God – $15.00 

I’m excited to tell you about a book that I was a contributor for by Destiny Image entitled, AMAZED BY THE POWER OF GOD, Volume 1. I am one of 13 authors who contributed to writing this book about power evangelism and how to experience signs and wonders in the marketplace. Frank DeCenso, the man who oversaw the project, says it best:

“We need ordinary people willing to minister wherever they are because lives need changed, the sick need healed, and the oppressed need delivered. This will happen through ‘ordinary Christians’ who want to bring God’s Kingdom to others through whatever means and giftings they are given.”



Enjoying God – $12.99   

God wants you to enjoy Him! It’s simple, but it’s radical. Some may even call it revolutionary. Yet it’s the heartbeat of Christianity. Our hearts are designed to find their ultimate fulfillment in the love and affection of our heavenly Father.

Enjoying God provides an inspirational narrative about a loving, life-giving relationship between God and His children, inviting you to experience a deeper intimacy with Him. When you realize that your heavenly Father not only loves you but likes you and that you are His delight even in your weakness and immaturity, your life will never be the same!



God’s Covenant of Healing – $12.99 

Over the years, many people have been healed by the power of God as a result of prayer and the teaching they’ve received on the subject of healing. Yet far too many individuals are still sick and in desperate need of healing. During his travels, S. J. has discovered the need for a practical and concise book on healing which can be read and understood by the average person–a book that not only is inspirational but also deals with the questions and problems encountered by those seeking healing. It’s with this purpose in mind that S. J. has written on the subject of God’s Covenant of Healing. This book will quicken faith in the lives of those who have had little or no previous knowledge of the subject of divine healing, as well as restore faith to those individuals who have sought, yet failed, to receive healing. With the renewed interest today in the subject of healing, God’s Covenant of Healing is a great resource to have at your disposal.


Personal Revival – $12.99 

While much has been written over the years on the subject of revival, many Christians still believe that revival can only come in great earth-shaking outpourings of the Spirit. Yet they have overlooked the fact that it is first and foremost a personal experience. When God revives His people, He has to start with someone because the Church only consists of individual believers. Where else can spiritual renewal take place other than in the lives of individuals? The Church is not a building! There is no abstract “Church” which can be revived apart from the men and women who make up the Church.

In this clearly written book, S. J. gives you both inspirational and practical instruction. Drawing on a wide range of resources, and writing from years of personal experience, he has provided a valuable study that will help every believer who is hungry for a deeper and closer walk with Jesus. You will be stirred and encouraged as you read this book!    

Audio Series


Song of Solomon – $40.00 (CD) 

The Song of Solomon is an eight chapter love song that beautifully portrays King Solomon’s passionate affections for a young maiden. However, many Bible scholars agree that the Song is also an allegorical picture of Christ’s love for His bride. When you begin to look at the book from this perspective, you’ll soon discover that the dominant theme of the book is the passionate affections of King Jesus for His Church.

Through S. J.’s teachings, you’ll be introduced to God’s emotional feelings for human beings. A diligent study of God’s emotional capacities is absolutely essential for one’s emotional health. You will be transformed when you understand the way God thinks and feels about you, especially in your weakness and immaturity. The revelation of His enjoyment of your life will awaken your heart to the spiritual pleasures that can only be experienced through His love. This study will enable you to enjoy the Lord like never before!

This study covers an entire semester’s class and comes complete with 94 pages of detailed notes.

Song of Solomon is now available in MP3 format – $30.00 (MP3)

For $30.00 you can get this teaching series in MP3 format plus a digital copy of the notes on a single CD. Please note that you’ll need a computer or MP3 player to listen to these files (most standalone CD players will not play MP3s).



Extravagant Love – CD – $25.00

Have you ever thought of the Bible as having one predominant theme–a common thread that runs from beginning to end? While it’s true that as you read and study its pages you’ll find many issues relating to the plan of redemption, the one thread that holds them all together is the bridal theme of Scripture. You may have read the Bible any number of times and never noticed it, but the Scriptures are filled with bridal language–everything from the mysterious union between a man and a woman to betrothals and weddings that foreshadowed an even greater love that would be revealed over time. Think about it for a moment. God began human history with a wedding, and Revelation 19:7 speaks of another wedding as well. This series of teachings will enable you to see the message of the Bible as a divine romance between God and human beings. It will help you to understand and experience the romance of redemption. Titles include: A Love Before Time Began; A Sacred Marriage Proposal; God – The Jealous Husband; Fascination and the Fear of the Lord; and, A Marriage Made in Heaven.




Messages to Move the Heart – $25.00

Messages to Move the Heart is a compilation of five messages that cover issues about God’s grace and love from S. J.’s unique perspective. These individual teachings have come from his own personal spiritual journey, and they have impacted people all over the world! You will love the depth of teaching, as well as the humor, that you’ll experience as you listen to these sermons. Titles include: Escaping the PerformanceTrap; God’s Delight in Us; Man – God’s Resting Place; The Pleasures of God; and Experiencing Intimacy with God.


Cultivating Intimacy with God (CD Series) – $35.00

Cultivating Intimacy with God is an eight-message CD set that is based on S. J.’s book, Enjoying God. Because the idea of enjoying God and being enjoyed by Him seems so foreign to us, this series of messages is very important!

These teachings will remind you that you are loved for who you are and not what you do, and that you were created for Someone rather than something. In this series, S. J. also addresses common “father issues” that can prevent you from receiving and embracing God’s love for you. These messages can revolutionize your relationship with your heavenly Father!

The Pleasures of Loving God
S.J. Hill on September 24, 1999

This Is Eternal Life / Knowing God Intimately
S.J. Hill on August 27, 1999

Extravagant Love
S.J. Hill on June 16, 1999

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