Are Natural Disasters Judgments From God?

179926afhewyh2This is a podcast I recorded last year with a couple former students of mine, Steve Bremner and Dave Edwards.

We discussed some of the following questions:

Does God really send disasters and calamities to cities and nations in order to teach its people lessons?  If so, does it work?

Does a ‘rapture mentality’ produce a people interested in what happens in the earth during their generation?

Does the Church have way too pessimistic of an outlook when it comes to God’s involvement in the earth today?

Does the Church embrace too much fatalism when it comes to dealing with every day events and natural disasters as they happen around the world?

How Is The Church specifically, and the culture in general, supposed to deal with doom and gloom prophets whose ‘prophecies’ don’t come to pass?  No, we’re not talking about fringe groups but ones who are more mainstream and accepted in both evangelical and charismatic circles!

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