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God’s Longing For You – Part 1

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Many people define religion as man’s search for God. However, the Bible paints a beautiful portrait of God’s search for man. The mystery of it all is that God pursues man! When Adam and Eve hid from His presence, the Lord called, “Where are you?” (Gen. 3:9). It’s a call that goes out again and […]

Hebrews 7:25 – Jesus IS the Heavenly Intercession

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There is a common understanding of Hebrews 7:25 that gives the impression that Jesus is not at rest, seated on the throne on high after His resurrection, but rather is engaged in eternal intercession, praying to the Father, more or less pleading for humanity, in the eternal state, forever and ever. This is very unfortunate. […]

Organic Church vs Church that is Organic

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Written by: Stephen Crosby There is no inherent spiritual significance to moving a meeting out of a sanctuary into a living room. The question to be asked is not related to how we meet (form), but how we live life together in Christ (substance) and the values we embrace. Whenever love wanes, efficiently administered corporation […]

S.J. Hill – Father’s love and the issue of “judgment.” blog talk radio interview

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Check out SJ being interviewed on about the “Father’s love”.

How Do We Face The Future

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Written by: Don Atkins Loved ones, Seismic activity and earthquake prognosticators predict quakes that are inevitable for the West coast of the USA, and likely to spawn a killer tsunami. They are absolute, but unable to predict a timetable.  Hurricane activity along the Atlantic coast is predicted to be well above average this year.  Forty-three […]

God told me…

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Have you ever known someone who is always saying: “God told me . . .? “ It’s a common practice among “spirit”-type believers. I am persuaded God is saying a lot less than what is being attributed to Him. Perhaps 99% less. I think the Spirit of the Lord says more with less (This is […]

Signs, Wonders, and “New Breed” Believers

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The issue of signs and wonders in the Church is like Goldilocks looking for porridge in the Three Bears cottage: it’s hard to find something that is neither too hot nor too cold. The body of Christ seems to gather at the extremes of denial and indifference or obsession and mania on this subject. Neither […]

The Inevitability of Change

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A Warning Shot? Part II In my September 2010 article, “Warning Shot,” I quoted best-selling author Anne Rice’s reasons for leaving the church and why she would no longer identify herself with the brand “Christian.” Her actions caused her to be quickly dismissed by some as irrelevant, anti-church, and anti-god. Yet, when I heard this […]

Redeeming Disillusionment

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Redeeming Disillusionment Stephen R. Crosby Disillusionment has always been a common malady for the Lord’s followers. The early church expected the literal return of the Lord in their lifetime. When it didn’t happen, they needed the encouragement that comes from a major adjustment in their expectation and understanding. Much of the NT was written […]

A Prophetic Manifesto

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Dear friends, Based on recent conversations with many of you regarding the “state of affairs” of things apostolic-prophetic in recent years, I thought the following “Prophetic Manifesto” might be of interest to you. I did it about 2 years ago and if you and I are newly friends, perhaps you have not seen it. “A […]

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